Addis Ababa November 17/2020 (ENA) Inhabitants of Addis Ababa have expressed their support and honor to the national defense force at a ceremony held at Abebe Bikila Stadium this morning.

Tens of thousand residents of the city, including Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie and other government officials, took part in the colorful event held at the stadium.

Among the participants that attended the celebration was the senior famous actor Debebe Eshetu who has been in Ethiopian art industry for over 50 years.

He said the treasonous act committed by the TPLF is unacceptable and unforgivable.

“The National Defense Force is the pillar on which the nation stands proudly and safely. My children live and learn happily because there is an army that protects the country from enemy. I sleep at night safely, because I have a national army that protects my country day and night. I therefore, honor the national army which is the backbone of peace and security,” he added.